A Return On Investment Approach

by Yvonne McNulty and Kerr Inkson
Business Expert Press (New York), 234 pages
Publication Date: 15 July 2013

Expatriation is a big topic, and getting bigger.

Tens of billions of dollars are spent annually by organizations to move expatriates around the world. Yet, year-on-year, companies struggle to manage, and improve, the return from these expensive employees. This book shows that the problem overwhelmingly lies in poor management of expatriates, caused by a short-term profit-driven focus, inadequate strategic practices, and misunderstandings about international careers and the global war for talent.

To address this gap, McNulty and Inkson focus the concept of RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) – both corporate ROI and the individual ROI expectations of expatriates themselves – and explain how to use an ROI approach to manage expatriates for superior results.

Drawing on more than a decade of their own expertise, consulting, research, and publications in top journals, the authors replace the traditional model of expatriation with a new model. Instead of looking at activities and work management, they focus on results and people management, providing extensive best practice and case studies about managing expatriates, along with key trends, future projections, and a practical insiders’ guide to new ways of managing global mobility.

A book about expatriate ROI has been needed for a long time. At last, McNulty and Inkson - experts with a genuinely global background and extensive experience - tackle this important topic with an impressive array of research and practical insight not just to measure the return on investment, but to also manage expatriates in new and innovative ways. This is a ground-breaking book, essential for anyone researching expatriates or looking to improve their global mobility practice.

-- Duncan Micallef,
Vice President Compensation & Benefits,
Asia, Middle East & Africa at PEPSICO