• Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
    • What this book is about
    • Who this book is for
    • Where we gained our knowledge for this book
    • What you can expect chapter-by-chapter


  • Basics of Expatriation chapter 1

    • CASE: Craig Phillips, fly-in commando
    • The context of expatriation: Multinational corporations
      Mobility and the ‘faceless’ MNC
    • Traditional expatriation
      Is only the tip of the iceberg
    • The purposes of expatriation
      Could an MNC survive without expatriates?
    • The meanings of ‘expatriate’
      It’s time to debunk the myth of the ‘there-and-back’ assignee
    • The international labor market
      Finding the talent you need
  • Expatriation and ROI chapter 2


  • Expatriate Compensation chapter 3

    • CASE: Eduardo Rodriguez, reluctant expatriate
    • Is money important to expatriates?
      Everyone needs to earn a living
    • Why local-plus is here to stay
      Why the ‘balance sheet’ is outdated
    • Global compensation, not expatriate compensation
      Shifting the focus to ‘worth of the position’ versus ‘assignee status’
    • The opportunity cost of local-plus
      Retention, retention, retention
  • Expatriate Families chapter 4

    • CASE: The ‘trailing spouse’ as career – or not
    • Spouse adjustment
      Stressors, strains and daily hassles
    • Identity re-construction
      Developing a meaningful portable identity
    • A family-first approach
      Let your expatriates remind you what’s important
    • The dual-career dilemma
      Ask spouse’s what they don’t want
    • Marital stress
      Split assignments, infidelity, and divorce
    • The global family skillset
      What it is, and why it is so crucial to expatriate ROI
    • CASE: Who is to blame when assignments fail?
    • Resources
  • Global Careers chapter 5

    • CASE: Compulsive globe-trotter
    • Careers in today’s world
      Forget repatriation!
    • Why people pursue global careers
      Two words: personal agency
    • The different types of global careers
      CAEs, SIEs, and everything in between
    • Career anchors
      The rise of an ‘SIE orientation’
    • Career management support by employers
      Why career decisions made at two or three o’clock in the morning in a bar simply won’t do
    • How global careers affect expatriate ROI
      It begins with the ‘global career continuum’
    • Push versus pull factors in global careers
      Tracking movements along the global career continuum
    • Why we need global careerists
      They are the future of global staffing
  • Expatriate Psychological Contracts chapter 6

    • CASE: Building relationships one expatriate at a time
    • What is a psychological contract?
      Indirect, unwritten and unspoken agreements
    • What psychological contracts are like
      Implied, unpredictable and universal
    • Fulfillment of the psychological contract
      From met and unmet expectations to breaches and violations
    • ‘Currency’ of the psychological contract for expatriates
      Contract malleability and the psychological contract ‘pie’
    • Relocation support
      Doesn’t necessarily require spending more money
    • Three key areas of expatriate psychological contracts
      Currencies that strengthen the employment relationship
    • How psychological contracts impact on expatriate ROI
      Creating psychological contracts that work isn’t rocket science!
    • CASE: It’s the little things that count


  • A New Model of Expatriate ROI chapter 7

  • Evaluating Expatriate ROI chapter 8

  • Five Core Principles for Expatriate ROI chapter 9

    • CASE: Getting back to basics at NexCorp
    • Re-frame your thinking
      From ‘international assignments’ to ‘global mobility’
    • Champion expatriate ROI
      Who in your organization has the skills and passion to drive a new ROI initiative?
    • Think long-term, act short-term
      Don’t waste all your time on profitability you may never have
    • Embrace global careerists
      Working smarter but not necessarily harder
    • Acquire a dynamic talent pool
      Buying versus building talent
    • A final word: Expatriates as heroes
      Becoming the master of two worlds instead of one
  • Appendix A: Mobility Managers Study
  • Appendix B: Expatriate Employees Study
  • Appendix C: Trailing Spouses Study
  • Notes
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index